Homeopathy is a natural healing method discovered by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). In homeopathy we look at a coherence of complaints and symptoms. Every treatment is tailored to the patient.
Homeopathy is a Complementary Alternative Medicine, in short CAM, based on natural science laws. The principle of similarity forms and important basis for this healing method. During the homeopathic treatment the patient receives homeopathic remedies consisting of or potentised substances ( step-wise strong dilutions in combination with shaking). These substances that in pure form would evoke the same symptoms as the disease to be controlled.


Classic Homeopathy
In Classic Homeopathy we look at a coherence of complaints and symptoms. Every treatment is individually tailored to the patient. This consistency is mapped out during a consultation. This way of working is based on the ideas of the founder of Classic Homeopathy, Samuel Hahnemann (1755 - 1843). Hahnemann discovered that just handling a complaint is not enough. To actually solve the problems, the patient must be looked at at a deeper level. According to Classic Homeopathy, there are various factors that influence the development of complaints. And because every person is unique, these factors also differ per patient. Hahnemann classified (categorized) the various factors and called that the disease classification.


Regular  Treatment
The homeopathic treatment can be combined perfectly with the regular treatment / medication use. The need for regular medication is often unnecessary or minimized. Always consult with your treating physician about the possibility of reducing medication use
You are central to homeopathic treatment. Even though your complaints resemble those of someone else, you are still a unique person with your own experiences, talents and preferences. In a conversation you are invited to tell about your complaints, whether you have changed since the complaints, what your interests are, what events in your life are important. The interview is aimed at not only getting a picture of your complaints but also a picture of you. The homeopath determine your personal homeopathic medicine based on the totality of this information. Because no person is the same, it will most likely be a different homeopathic medicine than anyone else with the same symptoms. After a gap or some weeks, another consultation follows. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the symptoms and how long they have been present.


1st visit and chronic cases : 1 hour 20 minutes consulting costs  100  euros with medicines
Subsequent visit and acute cases 40 min -60  euros with medicines
Telephone conversation 30 min - 50  euros (including postage cost for medicines)


Homeopathy Association / Vereniging Homeopathie

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Privacy Statement
For proper treatment it is necessary that I submit a file. Your file contains notes about your state of health and information about the examinations and treatments.

I do my best to guarantee your privacy by:
  - handle your personal and medical details with care;
  - ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to your data.

I am the only one who has access to the data in your file and has a duty of confidentiality (professional secrecy).

The data from your file can also be used for the following purposes:
  - for use for observation during my absence;
  - for use during peer evaluation;
  - for the financial administration, so that an invoice can be drawn up.

If your data must be used for another reason, you will first be notified and I will request your explicit permission.

Your data will be saved for 15 years.

The care invoice contains the information requested by the health insurer, so that you can declare this invoice.
This concerns:
  - your name, address and place of residence;
  - Your date of birth;
  - the date of treatment;
  - a brief description of the treatment, such as "homeopathic consultation";
  - the costs of the consultation.